Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daytona Beach To Disney World--Come Explore The Sunshine State With Me

I traveled to Daytona Beach and Disney World in April of 2006.  We spent two days lounging on the beach and enjoyed soaking up the rays of the Florida sun.  We dined at a unique 50s style restaurant chain called Johnny Rockets, it was like a dinner through time.  

After the beach, there was much more fun to come.  We spent the rest of our vacation at Walt Disney World.  We decided to take one park a day, to see that we get the most of our trip.  We visited the Magic Kingdom first, we were greeted by the southern bells on Main Street U.S.A. and gazed at Cinderella's castle in front of us.  The place is so enchanting, it made me feel like I was 8, when I was really 18.  There are so many rides to ride in Magic Kingdom that you may not have enough time to ride everything .  Here are some of the better rides to ride. You have to ride all the mountains--Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain.  The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan's flight.  Also, no trip the Magic Kingdom is complete without riding the ever poplar "It's A Small World".    
Day 2- We visited The Animal Kingdom.  It is a park that is dedicated to all the Disney animal characters.  The park is more like a big zoo.  There are not many rides at this park.  There is one ride there that is my favorite ride in all of Disney, Expedition Everest.
Day 3- We took the famous monorail to Epcot.  It is a very futuristic place.  My favorite ride there is called Space ship Earth, which is actually located inside the Epcot Ball.  Other rides that should be visited is Soarin, Test Track and Mission Space.  The World Showcase is a place where you can travel all over the world in one location.  Each country has events and activities that are original to the country.
Day 4-  Our final day was spent in Disney's MGM Studios.  The entire park was themed like the days of old Holly Wood.  Characters walked around like old movie stars of the 20s.  Special rides to visit are the Holly Wood Tower of Terror Hotel, The Rock and RollerCoaster.  Special shows to see are the Indiana Jones show, The Muppet Show and the back lots tour.

The point of Disney is that no matter how many travel magazines and videos you read, you will never be able to see all of Disney in one trip.  But by limiting yourself to just seeing the most important sites, you will make your trip to Disney the best it could be.  

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