Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ahoy fellow travelers--Were Cruising to the Cayman Islands

AAAAAAAHHHHH. The tired traveler takes a snooze.  This trip was a cruise, I am breaking the trip down into three separate blogs that are all linked together into one trip.  My family and I went on this Carnival cruise in march of 2009 during the Penn State spring break.  We sailed to the city of George Town on Grand Island in the Cayman Islands B.W.I..  The island was amazing, our excursion was to sail on a boat to the sting ray sand bar to swim with the sting rays.  (These sting rays were not dangerous)  we got to pet them and have them do different tricks for us.  I took this picture below before I took the plunge into the blue glassy water.  

After our friendly visit with the sting rays we boated back to the main land and toured the Cayman Turtle Farm.  The turtle farm houses over 15,000 turtles, it is the only facility of it's kind in the world.  There was also involvement with the smaller turtles, we got to hold them and we had a tour guide as we toured the facility.  The next location on our days journey was to the small town of Hell. "Yes , I said HELL."  The town of hell was created because of a jagged rock formation that developed over time.  Many people thought that is what hell looked like, and that is how the name of the town originated.  Today it is a tourist attraction and many novelties from hell are sold to tourists to take back home for a good laugh.  The currency of the island is called Caymanian Dollars.  The photos below is of a small souvenir show that sells gifts from hell.  I did buy a shirt from the store.  

Tips for visiting the Cayman Islands:
1: Shopping is very slim in Grand Cayman, the stores in Georgetown tend to cater to people of a higher class.  So chances of buying small souvenirs are few and far between.  So when you see any, snatch them up.
2: Be careful buying cuban cigars and jewelry made of black coral.  These items are illegal in the United States.
3: Always remember that you are a visitor in a foreign country.  You should always be aware of your surroundings, but have fun while you are doing it cause after all you are on vacation.

The cabins on our ship were very comfortable, our house keeper was the greatest.  When we entered our room every night, we were greeted by the famous Carnival towel animals.  It was the greatest because it was actually like on the commercials, it felt like we were on the commercials.  Below are few snaps of the Cayman Turtle Farm.  

Tell me where you like to travel.  Where are your favorite places to go?  Send me a comment and tell me.  Click on the link below to view Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

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  1. I'm still going to pass on the stingrays.