Monday, March 14, 2011

California Here We Come

We had just celebrated spring break, and I unfortunately didn't get to travel anywhere due to school work and just work in general.  But were all gonna go on a five minute vacation right now.  I visited southern California a couple years back now, but I still remember every image from the trip.  Our group visited all the sites from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles via the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, a highway that runs along the coast.  The picture below shows me in front of the old mission Santa Barbara.  One of the many old Spanish missions along the coast.  It was truly a site to see, (Notice the black bird to the left).  The picture at the top of the page is beautiful Malibu, the houses are right on the beach and can cost millions of dollars.  I was on celebrity watch the entire trip.  We visited the pier in Santa Monica, Sunset Boulevard, Venice beach and Hollywood.  My celebrity watch did pan out in Hollywood.  I spotted the star Monique, she was promoting her reality television show Charm school.    

The weather in California is very sunny and warm, but you never sweat because there is very low humidity and there is always a generous amount of wind coming off the ocean.  The skyline in California was cloudless every day when we were visiting.  Many people also ask me "Are there really surfers in California?"  and my answer is always "Yes", there were many surfers in the ocean when we would go to the beach.  Another California experience was when we ate at In and Out Burger.  It is something that we in Pennsylvania don't have the pleasure of enjoying. It was the best burger and fries I ever had.      

This is a picture of our plane 30,000 feet in the air getting ready to descend into LAX.  The experience that I got from So Cal is that IT IS EVERYTHING IT IS CRACKED UP TO BE.


  1. In and Out Burger as a California highlight?

  2. In and Out Burger is a California highlight. The fast food restaurant operates only on the west coast and is very popular with the people of the region. It is popular to the west coast like Primanti Bros. is to Pittsburgh. Also, new posts are on their way.