Friday, April 22, 2011

Best tips for Cruising

Hello all my travelers, I just wanted to give you all some helpful hints for when you go on your next vacation that involves cruising.
1.  Alway be on time.  The boat is going to leave with or without you.
2.  Its not always mandatory to have a pass port when cruising.  But when you are far from home, always have it with you.
3.  When your cruise is over you are told to disembark the ship, the staff will take your luggage away and you will find it later in a ware house.  All the luggage is color coded by decks.  You will NOT physically carry your luggage off the ship.
4.  When you are going through customs, DO NOT have any electronic devices out.  The staff will threaten you to put it away or they may even impound the device.
5.  Always remember to have the time of your life.

I know I had to cut it short today readers.  Stay tuned for more exciting destinations and helpful tips for traveling.

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