Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New York New York So Nice They Named It Twice

I visited NYC in late March of 2007.  It was a very cool day for the time of year.  It was only a one day trip, but our group got to see a lot of the city.  The photos shown here are of some of the stops along our days journey.  We visited Radio City Music Hall, unfortunately we did not get to see a show, but we got to enjoy the scenery of the great building.
We had then walked a couple blocks over to Central Park.  There we saw the tribute to the still famous John Lennon.  There were many music fans including myself who were paying there respects to the late great John Lennon.  This picture is very important to me. 

The final stop on our list was Times Square. We had decided to take a taxi there to get the full New York experience. We had arrived there right at dusk, just in time to see the beautiful display of lights.  Times Square is chock full of stores, restaurants and theaters.  When you are in Times Square, you truly feel the pulse of New york as the lights flash.  It is in Times Square where you feel that many dreams are made and come true.  We topped off our day in "The Big Apple" by eating hot dogs from a street vender.  It was truly a day one must experience in their lifetime.

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  1. I'm not sure you captured the spirit of the city.

    Dr C