Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cancun, where traditional meets modern travel tastes.

     From my recent trip to Cancun in September of 2010, I was struck by how traditional elements of the indigenous population meets tourist chic. As you can see in this photo, the massage hut, known as a palapa, sits next to a modern hotel, the Crown Paradise. It is easy to see in Cancun, this combination of traditional with modern, not only in architecture but also in cuisine. The food is a mixture of American flares and Mexican spice, but always alluding to its true indigenous base. An example of this  combination is the variety of seafood pointing to Cancun's once vibrant fishing industry, mixed with a side of pasta spiced with Mexican chilis. Cancun is a nexus of traditional offerings for the adventurous and yet modern comforts for those playing it safe.   


  1. Where's the photo? Expand the post. Why is the blend of cultures interesting?

    Dr C

  2. Here is the photo of my past trip to Cancun. I just uploaded it. Do you want more detail or length in the post?